Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions attached to your Itinerary

  1. Your flight from Toronto to ————- depart from Toronto International Airport.

  • Please review your itinerary to ensure that all information is correct.
  • Check in 2- 3 hours prior to Departure.
  • Please note that the flight times are subject to change.
  • Please re-confirm flight time prior to Departure.
  1. This contract permit price increases. But no price increases are permitted after the customer has paid in full cost of the tickets.

  • If the price increase is more than 7 % (except increases resulting from an increase in retail sales tax or federal Goods and Services Tax or Harmonized Sales Tax), the customer has the right to cancel the contract and obtain a full refund.
  1. Canadian citizens are required to present a passport valid for at least 6 months to enter and exit  the country of your Destination.
  1. Living standards and practices at the destination and standards and conditions there with respect to the provision of utilities, services and accommodation may differ from those found in CANADA,

  • Canadian without a valid passport will be refused entry and returned to CANADA.
  1. Entry to another country may be refused even if the required information and travel documents are complete.

  1. Cost or cancellation penalties relating to the transfer or cancellation of travel services  are non-refundable.

  1. Further terms and conditions may be found in our brochure.